Online Business Games For Children

Using business games to help educate your children about the world of business makes even more sense than it did in the days when games involving business challenges were played as board games, such as monopoly. Online simulation games of every kind are much more immersive and interesting now that they are delivered via the Internet, as you will see yourself if you get in there and play with your kids. Since in all likelihood your children already spend hours each day online, giving them a little nudge to encourage them to spend time playing games that actually teach them about possible career choices is easier than it has ever been.

This is true regardless of the age of your children. For very young kids, a virtual lemonade stand might be perfect to teach them about basic business concepts such as profit and loss, marketing, and controlling expenses so that they don’t overwhelm revenues. As a parent you will appreciate the fact that they can learn these lessons without being in a potentially risky situation attempting to do business with strangers. It will take much less of an investment from you in terms of money and time, and since the lessons of something like a lemonade stand game will likely make just as much of an impression as if your child was set up out on the sidewalk, there is really no downside to encouraging your kid to play an online game like this.

For older children the range of business games becomes almost overwhelming. Parents today know that virtually anything in which a child has an interest probably has a game corresponding to it. In this way you can encourage your child to spend time with a game that already is essentially tailored to their interests. For example, probably every child has a phase where they would like to be a farmer, and there’s no shortage of farming games online, starting with the incredibly popular Facebook game Farmville. There are coffee shop games, real estate games, factory games and construction games, and if you’re afraid it will cost an arm and a leg to purchase educational games such as this, fear not because chances are that Google search will reveal websites where all these games and many more can be found as neat little flash games that don’t even require any installation on your computer. Oh yes, and the best part is that the vast majority of them are free.

While they may not be the most sophisticated first person shooter type games you’ve ever seen, business games such as these are still compelling, and most certainly educational as well. Sites that offer games such as these are a great starting point to try and determine just where your kids interests lie; should a tycoon game hold his interest in all its complexity, you have a better basis for considering a purchase of such a game.

Whatever you do, take advantage of the fact that in the Internet age online business games for children are everywhere, easily found and very frequently free to play. There are plenty of valuable lessons contained in these games, lessons that most certainly can have a bearing on the direction your child will one day choose for a career. How many budding entrepreneurs have felt the first spark of interest in being a small business owner when they played games involving business as a child? Whether or not a young person ultimately decides to go into business for himself or not, games like this can help him define for himself just how interesting a career in business might be.

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